Se  trata de unas herramientas complementarias de iFix, para desarrollos a medida a bajo nivel (implementación de nuevas funcionalidades dentro de la estructura base de iFIX)
Hay 3 que destacan


    Functional Description:

    The FIX Integration Toolkit is a set of application program interfaces and libraries that allow a customer with development experience in VB or C++ to write programs that directly read, write, and modify their process database
    This toolkit also contains a help file that briefly describes each API and how it is used, and a set of functions that allow the customer to access their historical data as well. 
    This toolkit provides these major classes of functions:
    • Easy Database Access (EDA) for Visual Basic, C, and C++ programmers. 
    • Historical Data Access (HDA) for Visual Basic, C, and C++ programmers. 
    • The Historical Data Report (HDR) application. 
    • Helper functions not previously available. 

We recommend the FIX Integration Toolkit to customers who have project specifications that require high-speed database access and modification.


    Functional Description:
    The System Extension Toolkit is a set of application program interface descriptions and libraries that guide customers with extensive development experience on how to adapt a native data engine to our graphical front end.
    The STK enables customers to integrate their data systems onto our product. It replaces our process database, including SAC.
    For customers who understand our product and the components that make up the CORE, this toolkit sits at the LDBA level. The toolkit contains libraries and a WORD doc that describes the APIs and how to develop them.

  • DATABASE DYNAMO TOOLKIT (Other Names: BTK, LTK, Loadable Block Toolkit)

    Functional Description:
    The Database Dynamo Toolkit is a set of libraries and instructions on how to write a custom block for our database system.
    This toolkit is designed for experienced developers who understand pointer usage, structures, and function tables. It allows customers to create blocks for specific data, native systems, and custom designed data manipulation. These blocks, once developed, are installed onto the system in the same way that our own iFix\Fix32 designed Database Dynamos are installed. 

Aclarar también que hay una versión del toolkit para cada versión de iFIX. Es decir, para por ejemplo iFIX v6.1 hay que compilar utilizando el toolkit de la versión 6.1 (el que sea de los 3 disponibles)

Las toolkits son una licencia independiente de la de iFIX. Sólo son necesarias para el equipo de desarrollo, donde se vaya a compilar el código (no en aquellos nodos iFIX donde se vaya a desplegar el código compilado)

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